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Fri 23 Oct 2015, 15:21 by Jim Lunsford

Have the latest version of my tow program available for download if anyone is interested

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Interesting Experiment

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Interesting Experiment Empty Interesting Experiment

Post by harold67wm on Tue 11 May 2010, 20:24

I have been experimenting with different browsers and software setups for speed and such...

Since I got my laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate, I have been trying different browsers...

It came with IE7, I changed to IE8... Better, Had to add the google toolbar for IE for spellcheck...

Then I changed to Mozilla Firefox 3.6... BETTER

Now I made an unorthodox change...

I am running Apple/Mac's Safari 4.0... Yep Mac browser on a Dell with Windows 7...

So much CLEANER and FASTER... auto spell check/correction....

So far, much better than IE or Firefox... I have not found a glitch yet...

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Sr.Admin/ Creator/ Owner

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Interesting Experiment Empty Re: Interesting Experiment

Post by Jerrys Towing on Tue 11 May 2010, 23:09

I just down loaded it im on it ill let ya know.
Jerrys Towing
Jerrys Towing
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